What is a Link Party and Why is Great for Bloggers?

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I found out about link parties a few years ago, and it was one of the best things ever!

I found it totally by random, was visiting a blog and there was a banner in there saying “link party”, so as I am obsessed with links and do like parties, I’ve decided to have a look. And never looked back. I was hooked.

what are link parties - Pinterest

So, what exactly is a link party?

A link party – aka link up – is a place where you SHOW OFF your blog posts.

Most link parties run once a week and it gives you the opportunity to add a link to your best content.

It is basically a page on a blog/website where through a linking system you can add one or more links to your blog posts and they will stay there, sometimes forever:

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 11.50.29

So, having said that, why are link parties great for bloggers?


1. Exposure and traffic

Is all a bloggers wants, right?

when you add a link on a link party, it’s a do follow link. When visitors click, they’ll go straight to your blog post.

And if you’re quick on adding your blog posts, i.e. adding your link as soon as new party starts, it will stay at the top of the list and more visible, which can massively increase clicks and visits to your blog.


2. SEO

Link building is a huge part of SEO and by adding your blog posts to link parties, you’re basically doing link building.

This means that that link will help your blog in going higher on Google rankings.

Add your links to popular link parties and websites/blogs with a high PR (page rank) and the impact on your search engine rankings will be even better.


3. Be shared on social media

Adding links to a popular link party is great, but the purpose of a link party is not just for the links to sit on a blog/website.

It is supposed to encourage interaction and shares!

Here at Let’s Talk Social I host a link party every Wednesday and I use the tool InLinkz.

It is a great easy tool to use to set up the link up and for each image shared it includes social media buttons where you can click and easily share the blog posts in your social media:

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.48.08
In my parties I encourage bloggers to share the blog posts by adding the 5 most shared ones each week to the Pinterest board Let’s Talk Social Link Party, with 3.6k followers.

Every party has its now rules but make sure you join the parties that encourage participation and sharing, so you have the added benefit of your blog posts being shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

And it is also a great place to find great high valuable content for you to share on your social networks!


4. Connect with other bloggers

A link party is basically having a group of bloggers all together in the same place.

This means that besides finding great content to share, you can find great bloggers to connect with too.

I’ve met already so many wonderful bloggers through the link parties I host, we follow each other on social media and also regularly exchange emails and chat on Facebook.

So take some time to go through the link parties you participate, visit the blog posts, see what other bloggers are doing and if it resonates with you, reach out to them.

You can always find new partnerships, open doors to opportunities to guest post, share each others content, etc. The opportunities are endless.


Some tips to make the most of a link party:

  • Make sure you add your link as soon as the party starts
  • Share your best content only
  • Add great images to the blog posts so they appear when you link up
  • If possible add the blog title to the images
  • Make sure you share content from others


Join the Let’s Talk Social Link Party!

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, or a cocktail (after all it’s a party right!?) and click here to join the party!

And, I also have here a Pinterest board with a collection of many link parties that you can join!

Have fun! 🙂

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