The (Not So Obvious) Benefits Of Using Pinterest For Your Blog

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Maybe you aren’t sure Pinterest is good for your blog?

Let me tell you something: using Pinterest for your blog is one of the best choices you can make.

Pinterest is at the moment the second most used search engine after Google and also the second largest social network driving traffic to websites, after only Facebook (all this on a global scale).

Here’s what Pinterest can do:

  • driving traffic to your blog,
  • driving enquiries and leads (if you also sell products and/or services)
  • raising your blog’s brand awareness,
  • increasing your blog’s Google rankings,
  • reaching your audience

So like these benefits aren’t enough, there are other (not so obvious) benefits of using Pinterest for your blog, and here they are:


1. Driving traffic to your blog for weeks, months or even years

Whilst on other social networks you have many limitations: your tweets on Twitter and updates on Facebook have a very short life-time span (some last just a couple of hours and they’re gone forgotten) or your images on Instagram don’t accept do-follow links making it hard to drive traffic to your website, with Pinterest it’s a different story.

Your pins have a life-time span of weeks, months and even years!

A great image from a high quality blog post can be re-pinned hundreds or thousands of times many months or years after being pinned from the first time.

And all your original pins are linked to your blog which means that when users clicks on it, they will go straight into your blog. So, a little effort of pining one image can bring you very long term benefits.


2. Pool of curated content at your disposal

Social Media Marketing in general is all about creating great original content, but it’s also about finding and sharing great content from other sources.

But that is precisely one of the things that are very time consuming in social media marketing.

If you create a kick-ass Pinterest account, that means searching and re-pining relevant and related content from other users that will sit there in your boards.

This creates a highly valuable pool of content for you to use on other social networks as well!

If you find yourself lacking inspiration or struggling to find good content, you can simply find it in your own boards.

Blog posts from industry influencers that you can  tweet into Twitter, great inspiring quotes or videos that you can upload on Facebook, etc.

You can even create a secret Pinterest board just for curating content for other social networks!

Saving you precious time!


3. All content from your blog

If you have a great account on Pinterest, this means that the content on your website should be all on your Pinterest boards: blog posts, videos, tutorials, eBooks, events, testimonials, etc, etc.

This is extremelly beneficial for two reasons:

  • Just like the previous point, it gives you a pool of original content for you to share on other social networks,
  • It gives you a clear idea of what content your blog has: what is doing great and what is lacking.

Sometimes bloggers are so involved in running their blogs that they lack a bit of clarity about what their blog is missing.

By having all the content on Pinterest in different categories/boards, it can show you very quickly what needs to be improved.

For example, if you write blog posts on different categories and have boards for each category, let’s say: beauty, fitness, and healthy food, after you pin all your blog posts to each relevant board, you can clearly see how many you have of each.

Let’s say you see that you have 25 blog posts on beauty, 32 on fitness but only 4 on healthy food, maybe it’s time to start investing in writing a bit more for this category.

And this is very obvious on Pinterest that shows how many pins each board has, sometimes more easy to spot than on the website.


4. Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins are a great way of sending specific pins to your targeted audience, similar to paid ads on other social networks.

But the thing with Pinterest is (and contrary to other social networks), your paid pin doesn’t last only the duration of the campaign, once it exists on Pinterest it will have the same life-time span as any other pin!

And if people repin the promoted pin from one of your boards whilst the campaign is running, you pay zero!

So this means that even after the campaign is finished, your pin will still be there like any other pin, and possibly with many impressions, repins and clicks from the paid campaign.

I like to call this great value for money.

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