The 7 Tips to Become a Pinterest Expert 1

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Pinterest is nowadays the highest network for brand awareness and it should be part of the social media strategy for most blogs.

Social Media is becoming more and more visual and adding Pinterest to your social media strategy to reach and connect with your audience seems a no-brainer.


Interested in investing on Pinterest for your blog? Here are the 7 Pinterest tips you cannot miss:

1. Have interesting boards

On Pinterest you can create boards on everything you want. Make sure though that they’re relevant to your business but are not limited to it.

So for example if you write about furniture, you can have boards like “Luxury Dining Tables” or “Living Room Sofas”, but make sure you go a bit further in order to inspire your audience.

Create boards around the lifestyle of your targeted audience that brings them value and inspire them. You can create boards like “Loft Living “, “Interior Design Tricks” or even “Dream Houses”, and create/add images that reflect your targeted audience desired lifestyle and inspire them.

You should also have a “Blog Board” where you share all your blog posts. And an inspirational quotes board related to your topics like “Inspirational Home Quotes”. Inspirational quotes are hot hot hot on Pinterest!

Pinterest is all about helping your followers discover amazing new things and inspire them.

2. Create inspiring pictures of your products

Pinterest is much more than just re pinning other’s pictures.

Create your own amazing and original pictures but in a way that inspire your followers.

Taking the previous example of a blog about furniture, instead of pinning a picture of a sofa, pin instead a picture of the same sofa in a beautiful living room with other furniture and nice decoration and with someone actually sitting on the sofa, reflecting the lifestyle of your audience, so they can instantly imagine themselves doing the same and wanting to click through to your blog (and giving them an incentive to actually buy your products if you sell any).

Always make sure you create and share high quality images.

3. Check other bloggers

It’s always a good idea to check what other similar bloggers to yourself are doing (and not doing) on Pinterest.

Not to steal their ideas but rather to look for things they’re doing great and can inspire you, but also and most importantly, to look for opportunities, things they’re missing out and you can deliver to your followers.

Things such as specific theme boards, being active on group boards, follow and engage with influencers, run competitions, do Pinterest promotions, etc.

Also it’s a good idea to check who follows them, because they might just be your targeted audience.

4. Share a mix of content

You should pin images from your blog? Absolutely. That’s all you should pin about? Absolutely not.

Your Pinterest boards should be a commemoration of things that embody your passions and be stylistic representations of your blog, but you should also curate your presence by sharing content that is relevant, amazing, inspiring and shareable, adding value to your followers.

So you should re-pin images that add value and provide a mix of images, from magazines, influencers, and other inspirational boards.

This shows that you’re not only focused on promoting your blog, but are committed on providing great content to your audience, making them coming back for more and increasing your profile authority.

5. Change the placement of your boards

One very interesting thing you can do on Pinterest is changing the placement of your boards.

So for example if we’re in the middle of the summer and you have a board named “Christmas Recipes”, you might want to drag that board down to the bottom of your page and instead have other boards on top like for example “Summer Recipes”.

When the time arrives, you can bring the Christmas board up and the other one down. So this way anyone that visits your page always sees relevant content at the top.

If you’re running a promotion or have a board with products on sale during a specific amount of time, you might want that board to show at the top as well for that period of time.

6. Engage with your audience

Pinterest is not only about pinning images. It is a social network and it should be used to interact and engage your readers.

Respond to comments, feature their boards, run contests, promote other’s pins through likes, comments and re-pins.

You can ask your followers for their opinions on your new office design or even ask them what they want you to write about. Also you can comment on their pins, ask questions, join or create group boards and invite them to pin into it.

It’s hard to find good group boards on Pinterest because there’s been no specific search feature to help you out. Check this free guide on how to find and join group boards on Pinterest.

The opportunities to engage and interact are endless, so harness your creative power. Engaged people are more likely to visit your blog and if you’re making money from your blog, engaged people more easily convert into customers.


7. Promote your Pinterest presence

You should promote your presence outside of Pinterest, so you tell the world you’re there and happy for them to follow you.

Add the “Pin It” button to your blog posts’ images, so your readers can easily share your content. Add the “follow us” Pinterest button on your blog’s homepage. You can even have a Pinterest widget on your homepage featuring your latest or trendy pins.

Click here to know great Pinterest plugins for WordPress.

Promote your Pinterest page on your other social media networks like Twitter or Facebook actively asking your followers to follow you there too.

You can choose something fun or engaging that fits a current season, holiday or trend and cross-promote it on your other social media platforms.

Add a Pinterest follow us button on your email shots to your subscribers or add a free Pinterest app to your Facebook account.

These are some free ways to promote Pinterest presence outside Pinterest.

Bonus Tip: Schedule all your pins like a Pro using a tool like ViralTag. You can also use this same tool to automate and schedule for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

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