Pinterest List of Top Group Boards… in Every Niche!

Pinterest List of Top Group Boards... in Every Niche!

Pinterest doesn’t have a specific search feature for group boards, and finding the top ones on any niche can be quite a difficult task.

That’s why I put together a comprehensive list of the top 10 group boards in every niche, so you can easily find them!


Why are these the top ones?

These lists are based on:

  • Number of followers
  • Number of pins
  • Number of contributors
  • Quality of pins
  • Are monitored daily


What niches will I find top group boards?

*Food * Travel * Fitness * Recipes * DIY * Yoga * Vegan * Vegetarian * Fashion * Blogging * Social Media Marketing * Health * Hair & Beauty * Luxury * Shoes* Home Decor * Entrepreneur * Finance * Spiritual * Jewelry * Make-up * Nails * Smoothies * Quotes * Weddings * Cars * Hotels * Easy * Pinterest Tips * Pin Exchange *


Note: More niches are being added. If your niche(s) is(are) not on this list, send me an email to and I’ll add it!


How can I access this group board list?

1. Pin the image at the top of this page into one of your public Pinterest boards (the pin needs to contain the URL of this page)

2. Follow me on Pinterest:

2. Fill in the form below with your details and the pin’s URL, and tick the box to sign up the newsletter

Example of a pin’s URL:

3. It’s done! The link to the list will be on your email asap.


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