Like it? Share it! This is the post I’ve been wanting to write for years. So, as inspired as I am today on the first day of the new year, here it is! I’ve been working in social media marketing (and general online marketing) for nearly 15 years and have […]

How to Sell Like Your Audience is 5 Years Old… ...

Like it? Share it! It’s not always possible to do professional photos or take time to create original images, so be happy to know that there are several websites that offer free images for you to use on your blog! We recommend you check how each website works, some of […]

Where to Find Free Images For Your Blog? Try Here!

Like it? Share it! Many Pro Bloggers write for other publications besides their own blogs. And I’m not refering to guest blogs, but refering to payed ones. It might be hard to find those blogs, so I created this list divided by categories, so you can find here several blogs […]

The Best Blogs That Pay Writers for Their Posts

Like it? Share it! Bloggers and publishers of all sizes are driving results for their businesses with Viraltag. On average Viraltag users see 4 times the amount of engagement on everything they share through Viraltag. They also see their followers grow a lot. On average Viraltag users see their number […]

Viraltag Case Study: Blogger

Like it? Share it! After you hit the “publish” button on your most recent blog post, it’s time to get into promoting it… like a mad crazy person! It doesn’t matter if you’re new into blogging and have zero traffic or are an established blogger with lots of traffic already. […]

50 Ways To Promote a New Blog Post

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Like it? Share it! If you use WordPress, you already know what plugins are and what you can do with them – basically everything! I’ve been using WordPress for years and would like to share with you the 10 plugins you need to have on your blog and why. Since […]

The 10 WordPress Plugins Your Blog Needs To Have

Like it? Share it! After you finish writing a new blog post you want to share it with the right audience, right? The people that will love to visit your blog and read it. You’re not just waiting for people to come to your blog, you need to go to […]

12 Things To Do After You Write a New Blog ...

Like it? Share it! You’re already sharing your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, so why are you missing out on the social network that is growing faster than any other? Pinterest is nowadays the second biggest social network driving traffic to websites, after only Facebook. And yes, growing faster […]

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