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Would you be happy if your blog traffic improves MASSIVELY like this?

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And continues to grow and grow like a super speed train?

Well then sit tight because you’re ready to embark on a PinPower journey…

The journey to use this social network to drive massive traffic to YOUR blog:

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I’ve been using Pinterest for a very long time and have been also helping other bloggers with Pinterest, so I can tell you that IT IS one of the top traffic generation sources for any blog.

And, if used well, it can even be the top one.

When you use effective strategies, Pinterest is a POWERHOUSE for generating free traffic to your blog(s).

Yes, that’s right… free traffic!

How do I know that? Simple, because I’ve done it myself.

And I’ll tell you a secret… Pinterest is today the main traffic source of this very blog you’re now reading.

You can see here the Google Analytics stats for the month of January 2017:

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I absolutely adore Pinterest and it was a massive pleasure to me to create this eBook and share with you every single technique and tactic I use everyday to drive traffic from Pinterest to this website.

In this eBook you’ll learn every single thing you need about how to properly use Pinterest and drive massive amount of traffic to your blog.


So, you’ll learn for example how to get to this amount of daily impressions on Pinterest from pins on your blog:

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You’ll also learn  how to get to this amount of impressions on one single pin:

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This pin is related to the post “The Best Times to Publish on Social Media” that was published on this website, and you can find the pin here on Pinterest.


This pin was repined more than 3k times on Pinterest!

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And it is now on more than 3.9k boards on Pinterest:

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This is just an example of what I have been achieving with Pinterest and what YOU can achieve too.

And I want to help you doing just that.

And no you don’t need to have hundreds of followers on Pinterest to start getting traffic back to your blog.

What you need is to implement the right tactics to get your pins in front of the right audience, get them to share it and click through to your blog… just that.

I’m not going to tell you to buy promoted pins, or buy followers or repins. As I said before, this is an eBook based on getting free traffic!

This is also not an introductory eBook to Pinterest. You won’t find in there how to create a profile or verify your website – there are free guides in here that show you how to do that.

This is an eBook that will tell you straight away all the techniques and tactics you need to implement today.

What I am going to tell you in this eBook are the organic tactics that create VALUE to your followers and to you, driving massive traffic to your blog.

So, everything you’ll find in this eBook is all the work I do myself to drive traffic to this blog and is also the result of my nearly 15 years of work experience in social media marketing.

So, I’ll only tell what is been already tested and gives you results!

What you’ll find in this eBook?

You’ll find the 20 BEST PINTEREST TACTICS that are tested and proven.

These tactics have been proven to work with the Pinterest Algorithm and the way it values the profiles and pins.

Each tactic gives you a detailed description of what you should do, how and why! So you can start today!

The BEST Strategy to start implementing the tactics in this eBook is to pick one and start working now, today, and then again tomorrow, and yes the day after and so on.

Every bit of effort adds up and as you continue to build the momentum the momentum will build with you.

This is an eBook in .PDF format and it will be instantly available for download.

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You’ll find in this eBook:

ALL the tactics and strategies I use myself daily to get to the results I showed you here.



Together with this eBook you’ll have 20 Free Worksheets with tick boxes of the most important actions for each tactic.

You can print them out and tick the boxes as you go along implementing each tactic, so you know you’re not missing anything!



Social Media in general is always changing and the Pinterest Algorithm is no different.

What this means is every time there is a big change on Pinterest, I’ll myself update this eBook with those changes, including advice on what to do, and will send it to you free of charge!

So, you get this eBook now but you’ll always be secure in the future that you’ll be the first one to know about any changes, and instantly act upon it.


You’ll have access to my support when you get this eBook.

This means we’ll be in touch and I’ll be available to respond to any questions you might have about using Pinterest that are specific to your blog.

Yes I want to drive massive traffic to my blog from Pinterest!


Normal Price: $75  Promotion: $55

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