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Having a collection of great boards and pins related to your niche and interests is crucial for your audience to follow you, but… only if they find you, right? In case you didn’t know, many people don’t follow entire Pinterest profiles, they only follow one or two boards from a […]

How to Optimise Your Pinterest Boards and Pins for Search

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As a Blogger, you’re always looking for ways to increase your exposure and blog traffic. I know, I do the same! One of those ways is using Pinterest. Pinterest works wonders to drive traffic to any blog, but from my experience, you need to collaborate with other users, through using group […]

Pinterest Tribes Can Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog… Here’s ...

Bloggers and publishers of all sizes are driving results for their businesses with Viraltag. On average Viraltag users see 4 times the amount of engagement on everything they share through Viraltag. They also see their followers grow a lot. On average Viraltag users see their number of followers grow by […]

Viraltag Case Study: Blogger

You’re already sharing your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, so why are you missing out on the social network that is growing faster than any other? Pinterest is nowadays the second biggest social network driving traffic to websites, after only Facebook. And yes, growing faster than any other. As […]

7 Top Ways To Attract Traffic To Your Blog Using ...

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If you want to take the best advantage of using Pinterest in your social media marketing as a way of driving traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers or leads, you also need to Pinterest-ise your site. If you use WordPress on your website, there are many Pinterest plugins you […]

10 Best Pinterest Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

If you’re serious about your Pinterest marketing presence, then here are 100 tips & tricks for your to implement now and take your online business to new heights on this social media network. 1. Create boards with interesting and appealing names. Instead of “Recipes” name it “Delicious Dinner Recipes”. 2. […]

100 Pinterest Tips & Tricks You Need To Know Now