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Want to know how to to properly use Social Media Marketing to develop a successful online business, than you are in the right place!

Who am I and how can this website help you?

I’m Carla Gadyt, Online Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Social Media expert, totally passionate about building an online business.

So passionate that after almost 15 years of working in general online marketing and social media marketing, I’ve decided to share all my experience and knowledge and help other bloggers and online entrepreneurs on how to use Social Media to drive massive traffic and build their successful online businesses.

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What are the yummy things you find in this site?

  • Lots of blog posts that I’ve written myself on several topics related to how to use Social Media for blogging
  • A weekly Link Party where you can add your blog posts
  • An eBook with over 40 pages of Pinterest secrets (tips & tricks), and more eBooks on the way!
  • Several Pinterest Guides (PDF’s) on how to use Pinterest. Get the “How to Get Massive Traffic from Pinterest to Your Blog” here for free.

When I’m not on my laptop

When I’m not working, the thing I enjoy the most is to spend time with my 5 year old daughter who means the world to me and whom I very often get the feeling that she teaches me more than I teach her.

I also like to go for walks around nature where I get the most inspiration from and have those a-ah moments. I am very grateful that I live in the West Midlands near a canal that is just perfect for that.

I also love to cook new recipes, have lots of banter with good friends, and travel to new places always taking my camera with me.

I’m addicted to Pinterest, where I find great content like new recipes and home decoration tips! 🙂

I also write articles about social media for:


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I’am also an Influencer on UK Blog Relations:


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