7 Top Tips on How To Join Pinterest Group Boards

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Pinterest Group Boards are boards that have several people pinning their pins into it.

It’s a great way to get a board with hundreds of followers and great content. It is also a great way to get more visibility to your pins and your own Pinterest profile, especially if you join popular group boards with hundreds of followers.

But you can only join a Pinterest group board if you’re invited to do so.

If you already have a Pinterest presence with hundreds of followers, you’ll be invited to join group boards. The invitations will just come naturally. But this is not always the case. Although having lots of followers and visibility on Pinterest definitely helps, sometimes you need to be more proactive.

So how can you join Pinterest Group Boards that are relevant to your industry and have your audience following them?

Here are 5 top tips:

1. Search, follow and repin

You can search Pinterest group boards on Pinterest, on Google or use a tool like Pingroupie.


Although it may seem obvious to follow the group boards you would want to join, make sure you also repin their content in order to get the group owners to see you.

Don’t exagerate though. You shouldn’t do mass repins from the group boards, but repin at least twice a week.

These boards have great content so it’s also a way of having a place to curate content to show on your own boards. Win win!

Also check this great Pinterest profile with hundreds of top group boards.


2. Have related boards with great content

One of the reasons people get invited to join a group board is because they have great boards themselves with amazing content.

So if you’re looking to join a Pinterest Breakfast Recipes group board, make sure you have your own breakfast recipes board and are consistently pinning new original content into it.

And I’ve said ORIGINAL. Although of course you can repin great content from others, make sure you’re creating original pins yourself.

This way group boards owners will see that you would be a great addiction to their boards.

3. Pin on a consistent basis

This tip is not just to join group boards, but for your overall Pinterest presence.

In order to grow your following and your awareness (and drive traffic to your website) you need to pin in a regular and consistent basis.

So if you’re pinning once in a blue moon don’t expect people to take your Pinterest seriously. And this is valid for any other social media network as well.

Pinning consistently shows you’re engaged and committed and when joining a group board, you’ll pin great content on a consistent basis too.


4. Follow the group board owners 

Don’t just follow the group boards, follow the owners of them too so they get to know you.

Send them a message if they follow you back saying thank you and starting a conversation.

Also it’s a good idea to repin their content, even from boards that are not group boards. This will get them to see you which is the first step in getting invited.


5. Ask to join!

Yes, ask group board owners to join their boards!

If you have a great Pinterest presence with great content, they’ll be pleased to let you join and pin to their boards.

But only ask if you already have a great presence. If you’re just starting on Pinterest, wait until you have many interesting boards with good content and a good following before asking.

This doesn’t mean waiting 6 months! It just means building your page first with great content and boards.

When you request an invite to a group board, make sure you send the request from your Pinterest email which is the email account that you used to sign up for your Pinterest account.

The owner of the board will use your email address to send you an invitation. If you contact a board owner from an email that’s not connected or associated with your Pinterest account, your invitation will show up in your inbox, but it won’t work because it’s not connected to your Pinterest account.


6. Get invited by a member

Another way to get into a group board is by invitation from a member.

So, if you have a friend or a colleague that is a member of a group board you want to join, you can ask them to send you an invitation.

However some group boards don’t allow this and you can get kicked out together with the member that invited you. So when in doubt, double check with the founder of the group board to see if it’s okay to invite others.


7. Start your own group board

You can always start your own group board and invite people to pin.


Click here to join this group

A great idea for businesses is to invite their own customers! For example if you have a fitness facility, you can create a group board around health & fitness and invite your clients to join and pin.

It’s a great way to keep them engaged and motivated to keep training with you, as well as a great way to attract more audience and potential clients!

You can also invite leaders and influencers in your industry to join and pin into your board, reaching an even wider audience.


After you get on the group board

When you’re invited and join a group board you want, make sure you pin responsibly and consistently!

A group owner can remove you from the group board without any warning if you don’t pin properly.

If the group owner doesn’t have a set of rules, ask them if they have any preferences on how many pins to pin at one time to their boards or how often.

Asking that it’s a great way to show you care and are serious about joining their group board.

Many good group boards are protective of who they invite, and remember they took a lot of time to build up that community, so the least you can do is be responsible and grateful about your invitation.


I’m opening several Pinterest group boards with thousands of followers to new contributors. If you want to join, please click here.


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