50 Ways To Promote a New Blog Post 7

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After you hit the “publish” button on your most recent blog post, it’s time to get into promoting it… like a mad crazy person!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new into blogging and have zero traffic or are an established blogger with lots of traffic already. In any case you need to actively promote your new blog posts and get some nice exposure and traffic.

If you always wanted a list of things to do after you write a new blog post, here they are, based on what I personally do for my own blog posts:

General social media

1. Go to your favourite social media management tool – I use Viraltag – and schedule updates with your blog post links for the whole week ahead.



2. Share it on your personal Facebook profile.

4. Share it on Facebook groups related to the topic of your blog.

5. Run an ad campaign to promote it.

6. If you have your own FB page or group, promote it there too.

Tip: A good way to promote your blog post on Facebook is to add a quote related to the topic of your post and ask people to share/like. Ex: you wrote a post about how important it is to love yourself, so you can add a quote like: “The day you decide to love yourself is the day you’ll conquer the world – SHARE if you agree!”. (don’t forget to add the link to your blog post)!



7. Immediately share it on Twitter with the right hashtags related to the topic of your blog post and with the link of your post.

8. Actively ask people to RETWEET your blog post.

9. Participate in a Twitter chat related to the topic you wrote about and share the link to your post.

10. Run a Twitter Ad to promote your post.

Tip: Schedule several updates related to your blog post on different days and times of the week, so you reach a different audience each time.



11. Pin your blog post into your blog board (yes you should have a blog board on your Pinterest profile just for your blog posts).

12. Share it on other boards that are related to your topic.

13. Share it on group boards related to your topic

14. If you’re based in the US or UK, use promoted pins to promote your blog post.

15. Use the “send” function and send your pin to industry influencers that might like your blog post. If they re-pin it, you have a winner!

Tip: Create a Pinterest perfect size image with the title of your blog post in it. You can use a tool like Canva to easily create it.


16. Create an Instagram size image and share your post adding all the relevant hashtags that relate to the topic.

17. Run an Instagram Ad where you can add a hiperlink to your blog post.



18. Submit your blog post to Google here.

19. Share your blog post on Google+.

20. Share your blog post on a Google+ group related to the topic of your blog post.



21. Send an email blast to your subscribers announcing the new blog post – don’t forget to add the “What’s In It For Me” and add reasons why they should click and read your post.

22. If you don’t currently have an email provider, click here to create your account with E-goi and you can send emails for free up to 5000 subscribers.


Discussion Forums

23.  Go on Quora, search for questions related to the topic of your blog post, provide the users with great and valuable replies and add a link to your blog post.

24. Join the top discussion forums related to your topic (you can search on Google for them) and do the same: add valuable replies and comments adding a link to your blog post.


Bookmarking sites

25. Post a link to your blog post in an appropriate sub-reddit.

26. Add your post to Stumbleupon.

27. Share your post on Digg.

28. Submit your post to Hacker News.

29. Submit your post to Delicious.

30. Use Viral Content Buzz to get people to share your posts.

31. Share your post on Triberr.

32. Use CoPromote to promote your blog post

33. Submit it to MetaFilter.

34. Submit it to Fark.


Other Blogs

35. Search top blog related to your topic, leave valuable comments and a link to your blog post.

36. Add your blog posts to Pinterest link parties and Blog Hops related to the topic of your blog.

37. Set up a BlogLovin account that will automatically show your latest posts.

38. Offer to write guest posts for other blogs and include a link to your blog.


On your blog:

39. Add a link to your new blog post at the end of popular blog posts in your blog. Say something like: “You may also like this:” or “I recommend you also read this:”

40. Add hiperlinks to keywords or key phrases on older blog posts that point to the new blog post.

41. Put your new blog post as featured on your blog homepage or create a pop up to promote it.


Other things to do:

39. Submit your blog to DMOZ

40. Submit your blog to a relevant AllTop topic

41. Create a video for your blog post and share it on Youtube and Vimeo.

42. Share a real-time video on Periscope and tell people about your blog post.

43. If you use WordPress, install the plugin Social Metrics that allows you to quickly share on several social media and bookmarking sites and gives you metrics as well.

44. Start a discussion on Blab with other bloggers to discuss the topic of your blog post and promote it.

45. If you’re mentioning any sources in your blog post, use the @mention function on social media such as Twitter and Pinterest. If they like your content, they might share it and you get great exposure.

46. Turn your content into a slide deck on SlideShare.

47. Submit your blog post to BlogEngage.

48. Do a barter with other bloggers in your niche: a banner exchange in both your blogs, a link to your blog post in their newsletter and a link to their blog posts in yours, etc.

49. Turn your blog post into a stunning infographic that you can share on social media linking to the original blog post.

50. Share your blog post on SocialBuzzClub.


Bonus tip: Track the sources of traffic to your blog using Google Analytics to check what are your top sources. Even if you don’t have time to do all the 50 things on the list after your publish a new blog post, at least share it immediately on your top traffic sources leaving the other ones for later.

Writing a great blog post takes time. After all the hard work you put in, make sure your work gets read and you reach your right audience.

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