Work With Carla


Work With Carla

Hi and welcome!

I coach and guide spiritual entrepreneurs and lightworkers on how to use social media, reaching and attracting the right amazing clients that are ready to work with them.

I create a social media plan that is specific for you and the type of business you have and tell you exactly which social media networks you need to be to reach your goals.

And then we have a session together where I coach you on all the steps of the action plan and tell you how to implement them.

Although we’ll talk about the technical stuff such as how to create a successful Facebook advert or how to schedule posts on a social media management tool, my main focus is in helping you showing yourself fully on social media, showing up authentically every time.

I have worked over 10 years on social media marketing, so you can believe me when I say that it works much much better when you take off the “marketing” part and just focus on the “social”.

Attracting and reaching the right people that are ready and willing to work with you is much more about being genuine and authentic and creating strong relationships, than it is about “how many times I should post per day on Facebook and Instagram”.

It is only by showing up authentically, being your true self on social media and holding that space every time, that you can connect with people that want to work and resonate with you.

I believe this approach also resonates much more with lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs that wish to use social media but not get caught up too much in the technical stuff and finding it really draining.

This is also about  taking out the pressure of using social media, and feeling good and having fun instead, just by being you!

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My social media coaching consists in:

  • Creation of an Action Plan
  • 1:1 Session to go through each part of the plan (Skype or in person)
  • 2 month coaching whilst you implement the strategy of the action plan, to guide you and support you – this includes two 1h Skype calls per month or two 1h in person sessions.


I offer a complimentary 1:1 session where I explain in more detail how my social media coaching works and we can see if we are a good fit to work together!


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“I met Carla at a Meetup event and learned about her coaching business.

A few months earlier I had opened an online shop for my hand-painted silk scarves but was not sure how I could possibly attract customers.  I instantly knew that I had to get her advice on how to progress with my dream.

Carla prepared an action plan consisting several ideas how I could get my name out into the online world. The focus was on using social media sites effectively and she also reviewed my online shop. We had a 1:1 coaching session where Carla presented the action plan and explained each single task in detail. She advised which social media sites would be beneficial for my purpose and how to use these. She even helped me setting up accounts on sites that I had not used before and showed me how they work. I also got some helpful tools to use alongside the social media sites (e.g. a website to prepare pictures for each social media site).

I have learned a lot from her coaching and still regularly use the action plan as a reference.
I am very happy and grateful for the work she has done for me. And it was successful. I am selling now scarves via my online shop 🙂 ”

– Sabine Triphaus, UK