100 Pinterest Tips & Tricks You Need To Know Now

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If you’re serious about your Pinterest marketing presence, then here are 100 tips & tricks for your to implement now and take your online business to new heights on this social media network.

1. Create boards with interesting and appealing names. Instead of “Recipes” name it “Delicious Dinner Recipes”.

2. Instead of flooding Pinterest with your products, have instead a board called “Products I Love” or “Products I Can’t Live Without” or even “Best Sellers.”

3. Rearrange the order and placement of your boards so it suits your needs at specific times. For example drag down a board related to Christmas during the summer time.

4. Have a specific board for your blog posts.

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5. Search and join group boards as a way of reaching a wider audience. Use pingroupie to find group boards.

6. Create inspiring pictures of your products that show them actually being used.

7. Share images with ideas of how to use a product.

8. Have a company board where you share “behind-the-scenes” images of your office, staff, company events, etc.

9. Find and follow industry influencers.

10. Verify your website.

11. Choose your board covers carefully with the same colours or themes.

12. Have a board for user-generated content and invite your customers to pin images.

13. Repin images from industry influencers or other relevant sources like magazines or blogs.

14. You can pin gifs and videos, as well as regular images. Be sure to do all three for a good variety.

15. Create secret group boards for internal company projects where employees can share materials and resources. This will encourage your staff to share your Pinterest public content as well.

16. Sign up to ViralTag in order to schedule your pins like a pro.

17. Make sure all your board and pin categories are correct so they can be found easily when users are browsing.

18. You can and should use hashtags on Pinterest. Make sure you only use 2-3 max per pin.

19, Always add a description to your boards and pins with relevant keywords.

20. Add a Pin It! button to all the images on your website so it makes life easier for your visitors to pin them. If you’re using WordPress, use the official Pinterest Hover Pin It button.

21. Add your Twitter account to add authenticity.

22. If you have an ecommerce business, install the Pin It button on all your website pages to make sharing as easy as possible.

23. Make sure all the images on your website have alt tags so they can be pinned easily.

24. Pins that have blog post titles on them may be more likely to be shared, since they explain what they are linking to.

25. Pin Infographics and charts.

26. Add a Pinterest widget to your website displaying your recent pins.

27. Pin inspirational quotes related to your industry.

28. Make sure you respond to comments and questions on your pins. You can @ tag usernames in comments, like Twitter and Facebook.

29. Create other boards related to your industry that can be valuable. Example: if you’re a hairdresser, create boards on current hair trends or popular hairstyles.

30. Use the Everything search to find pins outside your followed boards.

31. Make sure you add images to your blog posts on your website so you can pin them into Pinterest.

32. Use the “Follow boards you love” tool to find boards and users to follow.

33. Check your Analytics to see Top Pin impressions in the last 30 days to see which pins are more successful.

34. If you’re selling a product be sure to include a price tag on the image because these pins get 36% more likes than those without price tags.

35. Pinterest is not just for companies selling products. Even if you’re selling a service, Pinterest can help market your brand. Pin blog posts, industry infographics, charts, slides or other visual elements.

36. When creating new boards, make sure you pin at least 10 images at once so it looks filled up on your profile.

37. Create tutorials and “how-to” videos as a creative way to feature your products or services without being salesy.

38. Be helpful. Have you read a good business book recently? Pin it. Do you know of a helpful YouTube video on a certain topic that interests your audience? Pin it. Be a resource to your followers by providing useful, relevant information and ideas.

39. Hold a contest for creative DIYs with your products.

40. Check your Analytics to see where your audience is from so it can help you find new opportunities for marketing.

41. Add a question to your pin’s description to start and encourage conversations.

42. Search via hashtags of popular industry terms to find more users to follow and pins to repin.

43. Use PinAlerts to receive an email whenever someone pins something from your website.

44. Follow this Pinterest board with tons of tips for businesses.

45. Use tools like Pinstamatic to create quotes and add maps and music to your boards.

46. If you want to know the original source of a pin that has no link, save the image on your desktop and then drag and drop it into Google Images and do a search in order to find it.

47. The highest activity on Pinterest tends to be between 5-7 a.m. and 6-10 p.m. EST on Monday to Friday.

48. Use an App like Tailwind to schedule pins, monitor Pinterest and measure results.

49. Add CTA’s (calls-to-action) to the description of your pins.

50. Take advantage of the free Pinterest analytics once you’ve verified your website: http://www.pinterest.com/source/YOURSITE.com/analytics/

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51. Expand your brand controlled search results (make sure the “Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines” is turned off).

52. Visit the Pinterest Goodies page to add apps, buttons and other goodies.

53. Create seasonal boards and add related content. This can be for example related to Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Summer Holidays.

54. Add beautiful text to your Pinterest photos with Pinwords.

55. Install the “Pin it” bookmark to your browser so it is easier to pin images from the websites you visit.

56. @replys are a great thing to use in the comments section of a pin.  Let others know exactly why you liked their pin and how it has influenced you.

57. if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Pinterest etiquette page.

58. Use the captions feature on Pinterest to add keywords and hashtags.

59. Create a board specifically for sale season with all your promotions and discounts.

60. If you have an ecommerce site, consider using More Useful Pins, pins that include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy.

61. Use taller images for more repins.

62. If you pin a lot of products to your Pinterest boards, the app Lovelist lets you scan the barcode of a real-life product and quickly add it to your Pinterest account.

63. Pins in the feed will have a width of 238 pixels and the length will be adjusted depending on the height of the image.

64. Pin Search adds a search button to each pin you view on Pinterest (it appears when you hover) that lets you perform a Google image search based on that picture.

65. You can watermark your original images with your business name for branding.

66. Automatic Pin Descriptions: The words the image has been labeled with or the words set up by the website owner while placing the ‘Pin It’ button, will appear as the description of the pin. So if you have a website or a blog, make sure you’re labeling your images with appropriate and relevant names.

67. If you want to find pins with many repins and likes, click on Popular on the search feature. You can repin these images to your boards and also use them for inspiration.

68. You can type in email addresses and send invites to people and ask them to join you on Pinterest, like current or former clients.

69. If you want to share screenshots of websites on Pinterest (good if you’re a web design company), Page2Images makes it really easy. Just click the button and it’ll create a pin from the current website you’re viewing.

70. Make sure you go to Email Notifications and click Yes in order to receive an email notification each time someone likes, repins or follows you on Pinterest, so you can interact with them.

71. You don’t need to follow every single person that follows you, make sure you follow your targeted audience and potential customers.

72. Search Privacy: make sure you choose Yes so search engines such as Google can show your Pinterest profile in search results.

73. When you click on a pin it will expand to a width of 735 pixels and the height will be adjusted depending on the sixe of the image.

74. You have the option to add a category to your board. Choosing the right one will help your pins receive more exposure, as they will appear in the category sections on Pinterest.

75. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the resources sections you can look for it in the Help Center, where the answers to FAQs can be located.

76. If you’re completely new to Pinterest, check out their guide for you to have a complete overview of this social network:

77. Using Pinterest secret boards you can save web pages and articles you would like to read later or curate content to be shared.

78. You can easily find out what’s being pinned from a website by using the URL http://www.pinterest.com/source/websitedomainname.com/. Just replace websitedomainname with the website domain you want to check.

79. Under the ‘Everything’ section on the search feature you will find everything that is being shared on Pinterest. This is another great place to look for interesting pins.

80. By clicking on ‘Send’ you can send your pin to people on or off Pinterest. You can send pins to people you mutually follow (i.e. people who follow you back), Facebook friends and through email.

81. You can get your own products to appear in the Gifts section by simply adding the price to the pins.

82. The Pinterest Image Expander extension for Chrome opens up images when you hover over them so that you don’t have to click each time.

83. Use a secret board to prepare a board without anyone seeing it before it is finished: a product catalogue, a competitions boards, etc, and only make it public when it is ready.

84. Pinterest makes it easy to find friends through Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo accounts. So go to Settings and make sure you connect your accounts.

85. Clear Recent Searches: visit the settings page and click the ‘Clear Recent Searches’ button and everything you have searched recently will be deleted.

86. Don’t worry if people come from Pinterest to your website and leave without buying. Sometimes they visit, bookmark and bounce but buy later, that’s still a sale. Conversions don’t always happen the same day.

87. For all original images, include your URL at the end of the pin description. This greatly increases the chance that users will have a look at your website.

88. Think of your Pinterest profile as offering a lifestyle, not just a product or service.

89. If you can afford it, take engaging pictures of a celebrity using your products and pin it, making sure you mention them in the pins descriptions.

90. Change the board covers to show an image that reflects your brand. Go to Edit Board and click on Change Cover.

91. You can pin an image to several different boards, if they make sense there. Some people only follow some boards instead of following your entire profile.

92. Don’t Pin-binge! Schedule your pins so you can spread them throughout the week.

93. Create pins with text in them: a text overlay on top of the image – a headline or description referencing the full article or pin.

94. To create Pinterest perfect images, like Canva, which comes with premade templates for Pinterest that are 735 pixels wide by 1,102 pixels tall.

95. When writing your pin descriptions and besides including the relevant keywords, make sure you add a positive emotion and sentiment to the text to make the reader “feel” the image too.

96. Please no salesy calls to action in your pins descriptions (“Buy now!”).

97. If you don’t know if you should write short or long pin descriptions, have a look at the stats – repins, likes and comments, and check your top pins to see if they have a pattern of short or long descriptions in it. There’s no one-size-fits-all, different sectors and products might require different lengths.

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98. However, longer, keyword-rich descriptions are valuable for being found via search, which can extend the life of a pin.

99. Use multiple images within a pin: you create like a mosaic, placing several images into a single image that can be pinned. This is very useful for DIY images.

100. If you’ve followed all these tips, you have a Pinterest presence full of great content that you can then turn around and share on your other social networks.

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